3 martie 2016

March Features

Look what I've found on the first page of Breslo! What an awesome surprise! That's a quotation from one of my interviews, which says:

"I had the honor to receive a commission for a jewelry that was to be given to Princess Margaret of Romania as a gift, for her anniversary. I was extremely happy!"

Yes, that happened a few years ago and it's something I will always be proud of and thankful!

You can read the full interview here (in Romanian):

27 februarie 2016

Primavara vine cu un martisor... sau mai multe

Spring is almost here and we celebrate it starting with March 1st, the "Trinkets Day". On March 1st, men offer trinkets (mărțișoare) to women, as a gesture of appreciation. I usually don't do specific jewelry for holidays, but this year, being asked by a lovely lady, I couldn't say no. So, even though it's on the last minute, I've started making small red trinkets, simple yet elegant, which can be worn as a pendant, once the holiday's over. They're so cute, that you might keep it for yourself.


1 februarie 2016

Hello February!

Hello February, hello lovely ladies! Today is the first day of the LOVE month, as it's said, and first of all, I want to wish you to be loved, cherished and appreciated as you deserve all year round, not just this month!

Second, even though I haven't been so active around here lately, I've been super active working in my studio, making lots of pretty things for you. I have a few surprises which will be revealed soon and I cannot wait to show them to you!

And third... let the "hearts" invasion begin!

15 ianuarie 2016

January Features


http://www.revista-atelierul.ro/2016/01/13/culorile-anului-rose-quartz/#attachment wp-att-44223/0/

4 ianuarie 2016


I just got these lovely pictures from photographer Varlamov Loredana and I realized that I forgot to tell you about a really nice event I took part in November, last year. I know that everything happens for a reason, and probably that's why I ended up there and I'm grateful for that because I had the chance to meet beautiful people and we connected right away.